Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Quietude" - Heron Painting Review

Water is movement. It swirls, splashes, rushes and crawls through streams and marshes in an ever changing dance of transformation. In the end, it always returns to its source, the ocean. Time is a lot like water. On its fluid current we are marched inexorably towards our final day, our last breath, when we are brought before our maker.

I love this heron's stance, tall and steady, planted in the drifting water calmly.This bird isn't desperate to change what it cannot. It doesn't seek to command nature's rhythms. Instead, it enjoys a suspended existence for a few seconds. Life continues, time marches on, but for this bird in this moment, everything is alright. Everything is as it should be. I love moments of quietude just like this.

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