Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Roosters in the Library

I love how my Dad's (Dave Merrill) art livens up whatever space it occupies. You walk into a living room, and BAM! A massive buffalo looks down at you from above the fireplace. You walk into the kitchen, and a rooster struts across the wall like he owns the place. Just like the moving portraits of Hogwarts Castle, wherever these paintings are hung, they add life, movement, and beauty to the atmosphere. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see his art hanging in the Grayson library for everyone to see. I grew up reading with these beautiful animals as companions. Now everyone else can.

From now until April 8, five of his paintings will be on display in the front room of the Grayson Gwinnett Branch Library.

"Snowboy" I miss the innocent enjoyment of childhood in this painting, portrayed through the sled, the snowball, the grinning dog and the red mittens and hat. This one is actually of me, more than 15 years ago. I remember posing for the picture.

"Strut" Roosters make me laugh. They're the smallest birds around, they can barely fly, but they make up for it by acting big. In the rooster's mind, he's the fiercest, most kingly animal in the world.

"Coach" That same bossy, puffed up attitude of the rooster is why I love this painting. The horse stands there quietly, listening to the loud advice of his smaller and less useful companion. I don't think the rooster realizes the horse could smash him. I've seen this type of relationship in people I know, and the familiarity of the situation makes me grin.

"Timp" This a taste of a Utah sunset over Timpanogas mountain. We had this view from our front window before moving to Georgia.

"Sitting Bull" I wish I could relax like this buffalo. Makes me want to go sit in a field and just be powerful.

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