Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Aware" - Wolf Painting Review

The wolf has two sides. One is an elegant diplomat, level-headed and aware of the world around him; the other is a feral gangster that craves the thrill of the hunt and a blood-soaked muzzle. This painting captures the cold and calculating politician. Here we don’t see the other side, but we know it’s there, both fascinating and terrifying.

So it is with us. We have our plans. They make sense. And everything will work out if we just stick. To. The. Plan. Then that howling, grinning, sprinting wolf in us catches a lovely scent, and off we go, mist gushing from our snout in an untamed romp through the woods. How many times have I sat down to work, with my desk just so - and a squirrely little thought darts out of the underbrush. I spend the next hour writing, or drawing, or researching a topic I'm passionate about.

There's a need for both sides. There's a time for foresight, caution, and calculation, but we must also be aware of the noble desires and passions inside us, and not stifle those things. The wolf is wise, and a grand part of its wisdom is in knowing when to let its love for the hunt take over.

Honest brilliance often comes at inconvenient times. But as we follow those flashes of genius, we'll be led to accomplish amazing things.

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